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Sessions are thirty minutes long.

Do as much or as little as you like.

What is Anytime? 🤔

We connect aspiring applicants with Oxbridge mentors whenever they want.

Our sessions are free and last thirty minutes.

Applicants just select the subject, the date, and some times and we then connect them with a mentor.

Image by Yingchou Han

Mentoring. Anytime.

Rather than provide intensive tutoring, we focus on providing friendly general advice. 

Think of it as relaying your experience and busting myths.

Our sessions are mentee driven. Our mentors start by asking what they want to talk about and they go from there.

It could be talking about interviews, going over admissions tests, or speaking generally.

How sessions work.

"Just having a quick call
massively boosted

my confidence 
to apply."

"I can't believe this is free."


Breaking barriers.
Access, anytime.

Everybody should have a level playing field. 


With Anytime, we're recreating the experience of having that helpful friend in the year above that can give you helpful pointers.

"Easy to use and always a quick response.
The mentors are always so kind and fun to talk to!"

60% offer rate.

Nearly two thirds of our mentees got offers into Oxford and Cambridge.


Oxford &

We currently just focus on Oxford and Cambridge but are planning to provide service for other universities.

"She didn't shy away from giving me the smallest tips which was incredibly helpful."


It only takes thirty seconds to sign up.

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